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The Full Story

Established in 1963 by 9 founding brothers, Gamma Epsilon Omega was the first Asian-interest fraternity established in Southern California, and second oldest in the nation. 

With 60 years of tradition and over 600 men as alumni, Gammas have a rich history characterized by pioneering and shifting the standards for Asian Greek life. In 1982, Gammas founded the Southern California Asian Greek Council, which grew to become a highly influential governing body of 17 prominent Asian-interest fraternities and sororities throughout Southern California. In 1996, Gammas were also the first minority organization to obtain a house on USC’s Greek Row. While membership size and house locations have varied with the times, one thing has remained unchanged: our drive to innovate and stand out. Gammas are currently a single chapter founded at USC, meaning that all Gammas past, present, and future are part of the Trojan family.

"Brotherhood Redefined"
Our Fraternity Motto

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