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Spring is in Season

The single most defining aspect linking all Gammas past, present and future is to "be a Gamma" is to be part of the "Trojan Family" network of University of Southern California.


Five decades of history and over 500 member strong alumni base, we maintain connections and foster bonds that last generations. The upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration is a testament to our enduring organization.


The Gamma motto of work hard and play hard has always been a distinguishing characteristic of our brotherhood.
We encourage our members to be active in reaching out to other organizations and encourage networking and diversity.


Our mission is to promote programs teaching leadership, scholarship, and personal development. Support our members goals to help fulfill their educational aspirations with Gamma Epsilon Omega semester scholarship fund.

Brotherhood Redefined 2013.​

"Beat the Bruins.  Eat the Dangos!"

Dango Boy

"Our existence is the byproduct of our pride and your prejudice."

Gamma 1963

"Celebrating its 40th year as one of the oldest Asian-American fraternities in California, Gamma Epsilon Omega continues to strive for excellence in its community service, academic, social, and athletic events."

Ric Pangilinan

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